Riisk and Krescendo Partnership

Riisk and Krescendo are partners and have jointly designed and built Riisk Compliance and Controls Management Software.

This app embodies the knowledge and best practices of both firms, so that customers can start managing their compliance activities almost immediately.

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Simplifying User Administration – Part 2

We are simplifying datasets permissions.

On 10 March, the option to give people access via a simple list of users will be removed. People datasets have long been the recommended method and become the sole method for defining permissions within datasets.

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Rationalizing Search UX

Using Agile, we improve software incrementally and rapidly. But we need to occasionally stand back and rationalize.

Search is a perfect example. After numerous additions, users have too many options. Time to simplify.

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Meltdown and Spectre Vulnerability Update

In light of the recently discovered Meltdown and Spectre vulnerabilities, Krescendo are applying security updates to workstations and servers.

Customers are advised to apply updates to their own workstations and devices.

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Before Deciding on the Technology…

Of course you want your team to use the best tools, but don’t start by choosing tools.

There are more important decisions to make first.

Such as, can you use a prebuilt solution? and what type of team do you want on the project?

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