10 years at Krescendo, what a milestone… I started this journey once upon a time when I was still a student. It happened accidentally as I had not planned to do a sandwich course but my closest university friends did and with a bit of peer pressure there I was, in 2009, starting my placement year.

I came from a Mathematical background so everything was new to me. It made me feel slightly uncomfortable (admittedly even to this day) that I did not have the computing background or experience everybody else in the company had, so it motivated me even further to soak in every information I was given.

I was the first ever placement student for the company and the first female in the office! Everybody was nice, work was interesting and, before I knew it, I was back at university.

When I returned after graduation, I was a bit worried I’d forgotten my tech skills and be back to square one but luckily I re-joined the same team and project I had started working on just before my internship had ended.

Familiarity with a system I had contributed to creating a year before definitely helped me ease back into the working environment. Little did I know, at that stage, that I would professionally grow to become the go-to person for anything related to that project!

In time, colleagues move on to other roles or other companies. For those who stick around, there is a sense of loss when your tea or lunch buddy moves on and life in the office suddenly feels different.

Yet, every end is a new start; in my 10 years at Krescendo I was able to dip my toes in so many different aspects of company life, rising from junior developer to a critical project and client management role, from organising socials to having the confidence to contribute my opinion on working environment and staff well-being. I also found great fulfilment in observing the growth of my colleagues, especially where I have in some way contributed to their development.

At Krescendo, I have felt like being ‘part of the family’ and that my presence and opinion have been desired and appreciated.

I will cherish the special fountain pen I received as a gift for my ten-year milestone with the note: “this pen is an ‘analogue’, long-lasting symbol of our appreciation for you”.


… To the next milestone!