You need to build a new system.
You are worried about the time and effort it will take.
You are looking for the path of least resistance.

Today, there are so many ready-made capabilities and services that you can say “No” to the biggest dampeners of a typical “build” project:

  • No code: build “by configuration”, cutting both coding and testing times through the use of proven components to support the required functionality;
  • No spec: by using the power to create a working prototype in hours or days, convert most of your “specification time” into “build time”;
  • No design: adopt a well thought-out, standardised User Experience instead of re-inventing visual and functional designs that require dedicated resources and multiple decision points;
  • No tech: embrace the Cloud as the obvious alternative to purchasing, maintaining and upgrading hardware and hosting;
  • No team: take advantage of turn-key, on-demand service offerings for both build and maintenance.

Complex deliverables will always require a degree of compromise but, if you successfully leverage all of the above, you will cut time and effort by orders of magnitude and eliminate fixed costs.

You will then be able to focus all your attention on what matters most: achieving the functionality you need, when you need it, ultra-fast.

The LiveDataset perspective

LiveDataset’s platform capabilities and service model enable us to accommodate all the “NOs” above: rapidly building what the client wants, running it for as long as they need, offering “on-demand” development to upgrade and evolve.

If you are considering a new build project and would like to evaluate the feasibility and benefits of a “5 No” route, DM me for a free consultation.

This piece is part of our Digital Fire Drills series.