helping compliance leaders extinguish the risk of unscalable systems and spreadsheet-based processes

compliance “fire risks” are everywhere

Compliance fire risks are everywhere. The number of controls which regulators, international standards bodies and corporate initiatives require employees stay on top of is expanding. In the race to keep up, spreadsheet-driven, insecure, “temporary” processes abound. All of these processes pose small, subtle hazards to your financial organisation.

In this ebook we explore how compliance leaders can address these issues, and explain how LiveDataset’s customisable platform replaces these processes in record time.

why read this ebook?

  • You have core systems or processes that don’t quite meet compliance requirements
  • You’re worried about potentially non-compliant “spreadsheets as systems”
  • You don’t have full visibility of the flow of data inside your organisation
  • Your organisation is approaching an audit or compliance review
  • You need to rapidly solve these issues in weeks not years

what they say about us

“The collaboration with LiveDataset has been a success from the start – working with the LiveDataset team is characterized by high flexibility, quick and thorough understanding of our business challenges, and proactivity in developing further improvements to our solution!”

CFO Global Finance Operations, Multinational Financial Services Company