Desirable Uncertainty

The traditional IT processes have been based on rigidly following a plan, avoiding every obstacle in advance.

Adopting a more flexible approach, empowering the team to alter course as they proceed, has regularly proven to be more effective – delivering quality, speed and innovation improvements.

Plan on not knowing what the final solution will look like.

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Watch GapCap Case Study

GapCap provides Agile financing to SMEs in UK. They needed fast, flexible technology.

Watch Alex Fenton, CEO, GapCap describe how they use LiveDataset and Krescendo technology to provide:

  • A front-end portal for clients to seamlessly onboard and transact on an ongoing basis.
  • A back-end for GapCap to manage all the data and act as a real-time accounting engine.
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GapCap Agile Financing Powered by LiveDataset

GapCap provides cash flow finance so SMEs can supply large orders to large customers with lengthy payment terms.

LiveDataset acts as GapCap’s real-time accounting engine and database, managing all the financial data and processes.

“I would recommend LiveDataset and Krescendo to anyone who needs data management and data security that is agile and flexible.” — Alex Fenton, CEO, GapCap

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Less Is More

Adding more features to software is not always an improvement. By adding complexity it can reduce productivity.

You want software to be focused on the task at hand. It should be simple for users and simple for IT. So you can focus on the work, not on how to use the software.

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How Much Time Do You Waste on Spreadsheets?

Spreadsheets are efficient for individuals doing a few quick calculations. Beyond simple use cases, the time spent on spreadsheets rises exponentially.

Stop wasting time on spreadsheets. Most of the time spent on spreadsheets is mundane and would be better spent adding value to your business.

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Who You Gonna Call? Spreadsheet Busters!

I ain’t afraid of no spreadsheet. Are you sure about that? Are you sure you don’t have a big spreadsheet problem.

If there’s something strange in your neighborhood, who you gonna call? Spreadsheet busters! We can help sort out your spreadsheet infestation.

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