Better hurry writing this post… with many COVID-19 restrictions imminently lifted, we’ll soon forget about lockdown.

Tossed into socially distanced twilight zones, we suddenly had to fill – between four walls and the local park – those chunks of time normally spent eating and drinking, going to events, visiting family and friends, participating in the community.

Wanting to focus on the positive, I dedicated last Friday’s Company Zoom to sharing the new things each of us embraced to stay sane and carry on.

Here’s a sample, which I took the liberty to categorise. I like to think of it, in its own little way, as a testimony of human creativity and progress, something worth celebrating!


  • Picked up the guitar again.
  • Started studying Spanish.
  • Started reading. With more free time during lockdown, felt it would be a nice habit to (finally) get into.


  • Everyday for a whole month I took a picture of an insect on my balcony (see picture in header. My note: such a simple project, such a rich message – whichever way you look at it).
  • Spent 200 hours playing Assassins Creed: Odyssey on Xbox.
  • Lots of singing. Working on a virtual chorus with 40 people from all over the world.

Home Life

  • I have learnt how to bake as I was not a fan of it before 😀 and I hope I’ll keep it going as I have bought all the equipment 🙂
  • DIY work like filling/sanding/painting the kids bedroom.
  • Weekly Zoom calls with all the family.
  • Jet-washing the driveway, inspired by all the fancy work my neighbours have been doing over the weeks …I will remember to wear wellies next time!
  • I used to go to the supermarket every 2-3 days, while now I go for a big shop every 2 weeks and to the greengrocer (better quality compared to supermarket) once a week. I will definitely keep doing that in the future.

Health & Fitness

  • Weekly pilates lessons.
  • Bootcamp! Never done exercise classes like this in my life (over Zoom). Have always played sport (football and squash primarily) but working on different aspects of my fitness (or unfitness) has been an eye opener.
  • Taking a 5-10 minutes break for every hour I spend in front of the monitor (not on purpose, but it happens), while when I am in the office often I find myself for 2-3 hours looking at the monitor no-stop. I will try to keep this habit in the office too.
  • 12-week fitness workout program with a friend – 3 workouts per week!
  • Daily push-ups and sit-ups

Back to looking for bugs in the code now… Have a great day!