Last Sunday, the UK Government announced a 5-level alert system and tweaked its messaging from “stay at home” to “stay alert”, issuing updated guidance.

In a nutshell, no change for service sector employees who can work from home.

It’s clear that until a cure, immunisation or virus extinction is declared – optimistically several months from now – anyone who feels at risk and can work effectively from home will choose to stay home.

As a company, we are conducting a review of options to adjust our office environment with safety in mind. I will share our agreed actions as we finalise them.

Our aim is to be ready so that when the alert levels will go down, we can cater for those who would like the option to come in.

I can also see how, when this is all over, we will be more flexible than we have been in the past with regards to place of work.

For the moment, however, we’ll keep on working, deskercising and socialising remotely 🙁

Last week one of our devops, Kimmy, organised a virtual gaming evening event which deserves a mention for the sheer amount of fun it generated.

For those of you who enjoy the idea of these zoom-enabled gatherings, I would totally recommend the two free online activities we carried out:

  • is basically team Pictionary — it’s amazing how badly some people can draw with a mouse and how well some people still manage to interpret them correctly! In case you were wondering about the squiggles on the right side of the header image, clockwise from the top: Selfie, Yoda, Penne, Fanta, Dream Catcher.
  • is the online version of Codenames — giving everyone a chance to play spymaster or spy.

Stay safe, stay alert!