On Monday, a prospective client gave us a brief for a Global Issue Tracker:

  • After Sales Directors from some 10 different countries must regularly feed issues (e.g.: Product Problems, Customer Demands) to the Manufacturer;
  • each country needs to see the issues raised by other countries in order to specify applicability and priority for their own market;
  • the Manufacturer has to be able to review the global, prioritised list of issues and provide feedback to all on targets for resolution.

By the next day, the LiveDataset team was ready to go live


The solution, using, involved configuring datasets to capture and manage issues in one central place.

A central repository to be accessed anytime by different people, each needing to see everything but being able to edit only the subset of information relevant to their role:

  • After Sales Directors with country-specific access for creating issues and setting priorities;
  • Manufacturer Reviewers with special views to update targets and close issues;
  • Administrators with access to widgets for user entitlements configuration and reference-data management (e.g.: the items that appear on drop-down lists)

Given this initial backbone, all that was left was tuning the navigation paths for all the user roles and setting up suitable charts to display on a real-time dashboard.

For a better user experience, we added simple calculations to score issues according to priority – a useful ordering criterion. We also hooked the target resolution dates to our “efficiency calculator” to provide stats on the Manufacturer’s turnaround times.

…Just how fast?

The client was expecting some sort of design plan and estimate, perhaps a prototype.

Seeing a working solution encompassing data collection, collaboration, scoring and charting in such a short time came as a very welcome surprise to them.

In truth, this is LiveDataset’s bread and butter. The brief was well defined, the process relatively straightforward and the number of people involved in the tens. Other platforms could be used to achieve a similar end.

LiveDataset’s edge

However, most processes start small and grow bigger and more complex. That’s when you need agile, scalable technology which can evolve at the pace of your needs.

Also, good tech is only one side of the equation. The other is a strong delivery team.

LiveDataset offers both: it is “Software with a Service”, enabling clients to focus on the business – from startups leasing bicycles to global corporates forecasting resources, tracking KYC/AML compliance, monitoring debt.

LiveDataset: when Data needs People. We help distributed teams to own, visualise, augment and act upon key business data.

Call to action

If you are tired of collaborating across multiple locations using non-secure, unreliable spreadsheets or systems that do not scale, send us your brief today.