Data lies at the heart of business processes. Essentially, business applications are

  • Data being gathered and collated from many people
  • Workflows to efficiently deliver data to people
  • Data interfaces for people and other systems


To create your own business application, you would need to build components for:

  • Data models and data storage
  • Data import & export
  • Login, authentication, and permissions
  • User interfaces for reading, adding, editing data
  • Role-based access to subsets of data
  • Workflows for checking, reviewing, approving, categorizing
  • Detailed audit trails
  • Hardware and hosting, including security, contingency and disaster recovery

LiveDataset provides all of these components.

For simple processes, add your data to the LiveDataset spreadsheet-like interface and you are almost finished.

And for more complex processes…


LiveDataset is specifically designed for agile prototyping. You can completely focus on the data that is needed for your business system and how the data will be used.

You don’t need to spend time writing code and designing screens. LiveDataset does all that for you. So you can:

  • Build a working prototype fast.
  • Quickly respond to feedback, with several iterations per day.
  • Go live in days, not weeks; in weeks, not months.
  • Safely make continuous improvements to live systems.

agile protoyping
Data Import spreadsheets to create datasets, the building blocks for your application.
Prototype Connect datasets together, configure rules and your prototype application is ready.
Iterate Try it out with a few people and improve. No need for coding — just work with the data.
Deploy Invite people and your application is live.
Customize After application is proven, add finishing touches e.g. custom interfaces and integration.

And if you prefer, our professional services team can configure LiveDataset for your business systems and add bespoke customizations for your specific requirements.


LiveDataset complements your current technology investment, it can:

  • Form the ‘glue’ between systems
  • Enhance old applications
  • Implement new business processes
  • Replace unofficial, spreadsheet-based ‘applications’
complement data systems

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