Give your CFO and senior managers daily control of headcount forecasting.

  • Simplified budgeting process delivers significant cost and time savings.
  • Adjust forecasts easily throughout the year for up-to-date, accurate information.
  • Sophisticated headcount allocation and reporting improves management information and analysis.
headcount hires exits
headcount hires exits

Simplified Annual Headcount Planning

  • A simpler, more effective solution than spreadsheets.
  • A solution configured for your organisation’s structure and processes.
  • Managers enter headcount forecasts using simple web forms and a spreadsheet-style interface.
headcount devices

Iterative, Up-To-Date Forecasting Throughout the Year

  • Actuals are fed in from your systems as they occur.
  • Rolling forecasts are easier to maintain.
  • Accurate headcount forecasts are available throughout the year.
headcount updates

Sophisticated Allocation and Reporting

  • Flexible multi-layer and multi-dimension allocation and reporting.
  • Consolidation of data at every level – team, department, division, global.
  • Summary reporting helps CFO understand overall business performance.
headcount charts

Easy to Get Started with LiveDataset

headcount steps

See how accurate, easy, and collaborative your headcount forecasting could be.