Development Diary #4

Conflicts and constraints seem like problems to be avoided, but are often catalysts for solving problems in innovative ways.

Our goal for LiveDataset is to be both powerful and simple. These are not polar opposites.

For LiveDataset to be “powerful” and really make a difference to how businesses gather and organize information it must be used by a lot of people — occasional users, experts, administrators, executives, power users … everyone.

So, it must be simple and powerful.

  • Simple enough to use without any training or documentation
  • Powerful enough to do the job — no more and no less

Some people will use it more often and will need additional functionality, but that should never make it harder for occasional users.

Filters and Views

This release gives an adminstrator many more flexible options to define views with the right access for their role. For example:

  • Some users can only edit data they added.
  • Some columns are only visible for certain roles.

If the current user created this data

Data from which columns …

… can be seen or edited


Useful data that is automatically created by the system can now be included.

Sequence number