Most of the time, most of us are fit and healthy. We can live with the occasional headache or small injury, but for anything serious we contact a doctor, expecting easy-access, confidentiality and relevant expertise.

Healthy processes

Technology also needs to be fit and healthy for processes to run smoothly. Like us, systems need to evolve and adapt to the environment during their lifecycle. Like us, they’re not always perfect and people find workarounds for most small issues. When problems get more serious, however, there is no standard model for a “doctor’s surgery” to reach out to: each company tends to develop its own diagnostics and cures.

At LiveDataset, as we tailor our platform to rapidly enable diverse corporate processes – all involving data collaboration of many people in many locations – we often come across situations where, to stick with the medical metaphor, root-canal surgery is required because a mild toothache was ignored for too long.

Hence the idea of starting a “Data Collaboration Clinic”, a format that aims to share information and create engagement on topics that may affect potential “patients”, now or in the future, in a way that is:

  • easy-to-access: free, non-committal consultations and story-telling;
  • confidential;
  • relevant: focus on specifics, within our area of expertise;

and via two channels:

  • inbound: one-to-one chats with potential or existing clients, partners, stakeholders who’d like an expert opinion on a particular issue (more info here) – just email or PM me on LinkedIn:
  • outbound: blogs on data collaboration challenges we addressed or witnessed over 20+ years as a SaaS solutions provider, primarily stating the problem in generic terms, secondarily explaining how we addressed it (or would address it) with LiveDataset.

Outbound Channel contents